Thursday, January 26, 2012

My Morning With Tim & Jeff

I'd consider Star 105.5 to be one of my favorite radio stations, has been for as long as I can remember.  Great selection of music, I'm comfortable playing it around my kids (there are a few songs I'll turn it down for [never off, I promise]... but that's just my personal preference).

My husband usually would claim the radio before me in the morning - usually podcasts on his iPod.  I don't remember exactly when I regained control of the remote, so to speak.  I remember turning it on, and just cracking up over something they were discussing.  And as I continued listening, I remember being very thankful that they topics of conversation were not of content that I'd have to turn the radio off when my kids were in the room

Over the summer I was incredibly impressed by the City of the Week outings they were hosting.  Working with small businesses, it's important to me to see the 'hidden gems' that drive our communities highlighted.  I looked forward to the pictures each week, and hearing the stories of many businesses that I never knew existed.

Along the same line, "Free Plug Friday" has been a joy to participate it.  Several of my clients have had events over the last few months, and there's nothing like getting a text from a client saying "OMG! We were on the radio."  (Thanks again guys!)  I love hearing small businesses, and local events put on the forefront.  Sometimes it seems that we don't know about these until it's too late.

I remember "Liking" their Facebook page, that first day I heard them.  As social media is my field of expertise - these guys are rawking it out!  When I look at other 'local celebrity' profiles, I don't see nearly the interaction that these guys get.  And it's not just one sided - they are actually conversing with their listeners throughout the day via Facebook or Twitter.  And the conversations are always interesting - there's nothing like when your page gets hijacked and the conversation lasts for days!

I was able to finally meet the guys after months of social networking interactions.  I totally thought they were joking when they invited me to the studio, but there I was.  Super cool, super nice guys.  I spend so much time promoting my clients, that it was actually weird to be talking about myself and my business.  And again there's nothing like getting a text from a friend "Um, was that you on the radio?".

We sat and chatted for about 20 minutes off air, and honestly, these guys are awesome.  

If you aren't already listening to Tim and Jeff In The Morning - you should be!  And if you are, join in on the conversation!  Like them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter (@r8dioTim and @JeffNtheMorning).


It was a sad day on March 12th when they announced that they were leaving the Toledo area.  I'm going to miss listening to you every day - the listeners of 105.7 in Fayetteville, AR are very lucky (thank goodness for internet radio!)

Thanks for all you've done for Toledo guys, on the air and off!

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