Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Featured Business: Amiche Capelli Salon of Style

Amiche Capelli Salon Of Style

124 N. Summit St. Ste 140
Toledo, OH 43604

I first met Jen at the NETT Event at the Oliver House.  I was out of my element, still new to the networking scene.  Jen found me, and we became instant friends.  At our first meeting, to talk business, we found we had several mutual friends - small world here in Toledo, Oh. 

Until a few years ago, I'd never had a 'hair stylist'.  I'd never had need for one.  If I needed a trim, I'd go to one of those quick in&out hair places.  When my dad got sick a few years ago, I made the decision to donate my hair - 18 inches of it!  I hadn't done much with it after that.  18 months later when the cancer came back, I donated it again.  And surprisingly again, another 18 inches.  

A long haired girl for most of my life, I did not know how to style my hair, how to properly dry my hair - complete novice in the ways of hair styling.  Jen has taught me A LOT! 

Did you know, that when you are conditioning your hair, you should wring it out until you can't get any more drops of water from it before you condition?  Your hair is a sponge and can't get the nutrients it needs from the conditioner if it's saturated with water.  

 Also, did you know that the natural oils in your hair are important for healthy hair. You only need to shampoo every-other day. When you're not washing, rinse it. 

When you are at the salon or spa, is your stylist talking with you before your cut, to make sure what you are saying you want is actually what you want, and going to work for you?  Most women can recall a bad haircut experience:  I went in for a trim and ended up loosing 4 inches because it wasn't straight.  

At Amiche Capelli Salon of Style, they pride themselves in taking time for you, educating you in the techniques to use to care for your hair.  A L'Oreal Salon in the Toledo Area, offering INOA color and offering products for every hair type.  Manicures and Pedicures offered include scrubs made in house, customized scents for the season.  Luna Bella scrubs are available for purchase in small and large sizes.  

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