Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Digital Discounts - part 2

I've been harsh on digital discounts in the past, because I've seen mostly bad experiences from the business' side: "Lost money on the deal", "They came in for it once and never came back", "Didn't even know what they were buying".  However this week, I'm giving it a shot and suggested to my husband that we try a half off deal through Living Social.

The deal went live Tuesday October 18th at 5am.  By 9am we had already sold 7.  Honestly, we were pretty excited about it.  By 5pm we had sold 21.

For those who aren't familiar with these half off deal sites (really?) - the consumers get a product/service for at least 50% off.

The customer is getting 50% off, the business only receives 50% off that.  So for a $65 photo session, we received $15.  Now, we do not have any overhead, as we are a home based business, and our only expense is time.  So for 1 hour of photography and 1 hour of editing, Steve made $7.50 an hour.

Around 3pm we received a phone call asking if this is a good deal...

Well for the consumer who might usually visit a studio like JC Penny or Sears, if you are a family of five, like we are, you would be paying $9.95 per person sitting fee: a whopping $49.75.  Then, you have to purchase prints.  If all you want are the digital files - which are covered with their logo and are small images files so you can't make prints your self, it's an additional $15-$20.  You are given 45 minutes for your in studio photo session, and are posed in the same positions as every other family, with the same 4 background options.

Now consider Sylvania Area Photography.  You are given about an hour with a photographer, in any location that you choose.  You can change your clothes, have props, even include the family pets.  You are not limited to 4 pre-set poses, but can interact as a family, which is the memory you are trying to capture anyway.  And digital copies are provided with every session

So which would you prefer? Paying $65 at a department store, getting the same images as everyone else, just with different faces?  Or $65 with a professional photographer, capturing the personality of your family in a setting that best shows who you are?

So was it a good deal?  Since I'd consider Sylvania Area Photography a better deal than department store photographers, that half off deal was an AMAZING DEAL for the consumer.  And if you missed out on getting it, using Sylvania Area Photography is still a great choice. (Plus, if you Like the Facebook page, specials are offered regularly).

Family Portrait, Sylvania Area Photography

Disclaimer: I'm not saying you shouldn't purchase these daily deals.  But please consider the businesses that you are buying them from.  If they offer you additional products/services - get it.  Consider how much money you're already saving there anyway.  And if you liked the business, don't wait for another deal to come along to go back - there's plenty more perks for return clients then there are for first time visitors.

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